Brand name: Happiness

Age group: Babies / Toddlers

Type: Disposable 

Diaper type: Pullup pant

Topsheet: Hot air perforated cotton surface layer

Backsheet: Soft cotton clothlike

Tape usage: Can be used repeatedly    

ADL: Yes

Absorbent core: SAP+Fluff cotton

Anti-leak: 3D double layers leak prevention


1: Hot air perforated cotton surface layer

2: Fourth Generation Ultra-thin Core

3: Cotton Soft Non-woven Fabric

4: 360-degree Elastic Wraparound Large Waist

5: Three-dimensional Leak-proof Enclosure

6: Magic S Cut Tapping

Detailed Images


HAPPINESS Diaper Packings

Product Picture Product Type Model No. Size Baby Weight Pieces /  Bag Bags / Carton


Regular Tape

(L Pack)


LT-0011 S 4-8KG 70 8
LT-0012 M 6-11KG 60 8
LT-0013 L 9-14KG 50 8
LT-0014 XL 12-17KG 44 8
LT-0022 XXL ≥ 15KG 40 8


Pullup Pant

(L Pack)


LT-0005 L 9-14KG 50 8
LT-0006 XL 12-17KG 44 8
LT-0020 XXL ≥ 15KG 40 8
LT-0021 XXXL ≥ 18KG 36 8


1. Are you a diaper manufacturer or trading company?

We are a diaper manufacturer, we welcome to tour you around our factory site.

2. What is your MOQ?

MOQ is 10CBM, trial MOQ can be negotiable.

3. Can you arrange samples for reviewing?

Samples can be arranged, let us know your interest type & sizes for arrangement.